Using Casale technologies, ammonia producers can build plants with the following features:

  • low cost
  • low energy consumption
  • high reliability
  • low maintenance costs
  • high flexibility in size

Casale was the first company to ever license grass-root ammonia plants starting back in 1921. Taking advantage of its tradition of having licensed more than 200 plants in the first part of its history, and of the more recent experience and know-how built up with the revamping activity, Casale has developed various technologies for grass-root ammonia plants.

With various plants in operation and under design Casale is becoming once again a major force in the design of grass-root ammonia plants.

Grass-root ammonia plants

  • Gas Based
    • A600™ – small size plants
    • A2000™ – world scale plants
    • A6000™ – large size plants
  • Gasification Based
    • A2000C™ – world scale plants


New projects since 1985

Grass-Root Plants