Casale acquired Borealis’ HP melamine technology in 2013 as part of a strategic plan aiming at strengthening the offer of core technologies and know-how with a new product that has strong synergy with the Group’s current product portfolio and market base.

The main features of Casale’s LEM™ (Low Energy Melamine) process are the following:

  • Two stage, high pressure, liquid phase, non-catalytic process
  • Consists of high pressure and low pressure (aqueous) sections
  • The Main process steps are: synthesis, purification, crystallization, filtration and drying


  • Superior high pressure process
  • Biggest commercial melamine high pressure plant worldwide in operation
  • Heat of condensation is recovered by steam raising
  • World class consumption figures (feedstock and utilities)
  • Optimized layout for reduced melamine plant footprint
  • Favorable investment costs
  • Reliable plant design for maximum operation days per year
  • Unique support by Borealis, former owner of Melamine HP Process, as plant operator
  • Excellent environmental performance
  • De-bottlenecking of Urea Plant and Urea Plant capacity increase:
  • Higher efficiency in the synthesis loop
  • Less load in the urea synthesis downstream equipment
  • Less energy consumption in the urea plant




  • Technical audits
  • Feasibility studies


  • Licensing
  • Basic & detailed engineering
  • Project management
  • Procurement services
  • Project contracting on turn-key basis
  • Plant commissioning, start-up and optimization
  • Training of operators

Customer care:

  • After sales technical services


Casale Melamine HP Technology


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