Casale acquired in 2014 from Borealis (formerly GPN) the complete set of that company’s proprietary process technologies for the production of nitric acid (NA), ammonium nitrate (AN), urea-ammonium nitrate solution (UAN), and multi-nutrient fertilizer products, including its granulation technology. This move is a major step in Casale’s strategy to expand its process design capabilities and know-how downstream of ammonia and urea production, in which it is an acknowledged world leader of long standing.

Casale’s nitrate, phosphate and complex fertilizers technologies include the complete processes for the production of :

Nitric acid

  • Mono-pressure process
  • Dual-pressure process
  • Tail gas de-NOx (by extended absorption or catalytic destruction with ammonia)
  • Abatement of N2O (by using specific catalysts)

Ammonium nitrate solution

  • Pipe reactor process.
  • Conventional process
  • Production of urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution.

Ammonium nitrate solids

  • Prilling, granulation and fattening of AN (33.5% N / CAN)


  • Single- and Triple- superphosphates (run-of-pile and granular), urea superphosphate (USP, 20-10-0)

Complex fertilizers

  • Dual pipe reactor granulation process for DAP and NP/NPK


New projects since 1958

Nitric Acid
Ammonium Nitrate
NPK (pipe reactor)