Over the years Casale has increased its technology portfolio adding processes and products related or complementary to its core products.

Hydrogen and synthesis gas (a mixture of hydrogen and CO) are the major route from hydrocarbons (e.g. Natural Gas) to many important chemicals such as ammonia, methanol, Fischer-Tropsch-based liquid fuels, alcohols and aldehydes, from oxo-synthesis and ammonia. The alternative technologies to Steam Reforming are Autothermal Reforming (ATR) and Partial Oxidation (POX).

ATR and POX are stand-alone processes, in which the hydrocarbon conversion is achieved, by means of oxygen, inside one reactor aided by internal partial combustion of the feedstock gas, which provides the heat necessary to make to the process happen.

Casale has advanced and referenced Proprietary Designs for both these reactors, as well as proven know-how to design and supply the entire syngas generation section, for any application (such us MDI, TDI, methanol synthesis etc).

Casale has also proven experience in the design and supply of secondary reformers of ammonia plants.


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