Casale Headquarter

Via Giulio Pocobelli, 6
6900 Lugano, Switzerland
Phone +41 91 641 92 00
Fax +41 91 641 92 91
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Casale Group HQ Switzerland


How to reach us by airport

The nearest airport is Lugano-Agno.
The Lugano-Agno Airport can only be reached through the Swiss cities of Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Bern where you have international and intercontinental flight connections. From Lugano-Agno Airport the best way to reach our office is by Taxi (10 min drive).

As an alternative you can fly to Milan-Malpensa airport in Italy and then reach our offices in Lugano by car (one to one and a half hours drive). Milan-Malpensa airport has direct international and intercontinental flight connections. From Milan-Malpensa you can either take a taxi (Casale can organize taxi transportation for you) or rent a car and take the A9/E35 Milan-Como-Lugano motorway leading to Switzerland from the south.

How to reach us by road

When arriving from the north, upon exiting the motorway at "Lugano-Sud", turn left at the roundabout following the signs to Lugano.
After the roundabout the road to Lugano continues straight, then bears right over a bridge and then takes a 90° left turn at the Shell filling station (by MacDonalds) and lead straight on down to the south side motorway exit road leading down to the lake.
When arriving from the south, keep the left and head on down to Lugano on the motorway exit road leading down to the lake.

At the first traffic signal, turn left into Via S. Calloni, passing the Hotel de la Paix and Restaurant Barilotto on your right, and, keeping the left, proceed to the next traffic signal. Here, turn left again on to Via A. Riva (after a few sharp curves, this road becomes Via Paradiso). At the next signal turn right into Via Ponte Tresa (this street becomes Via Sorengo as you head towards the train station). You will pass a hospital (Clinica St. Anna) on your left. Soon after you have passed a "Citroen" car dealer and the old Casale office building (a modern structure with many windows) on your right, you must turn right uphill on Via F. Borromini. Then turn left on Via T. Rodari and right again on Via G. Pocobelli. Turn into the lot on your right, where you will find convenient Customer Parking.

How to reach us by train station

The Casale office building is located within 5 minutes walking distance from the train station.
When arriving by train at Lugano station, you must take the central pedestrian underpass under the train tracks to reach our offices. This underpass connects the main station and the funicular station with the residential area on the other side of the tracks, where the Casale office is located. Pass under the tracks until you reach stairs that lead to Via Basilea. Turn left, then right and climb the stairs of Gradinata Mimosa until you reach Via Montarinetta. Again, turn left, then right and climb the stairs until you reach Via T. Rodari. Go straight and after 15 meters turn left on Via Giulio Pocobelli.

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