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October 2018

Casale is pleased to announce the award of a contract from Messrs. TogliattiAzot (TOAZ), Russia, for the supply of new 2200 MTD urea plant.

This will be the 3rd urea line for the giant Russian fertilizer producer, and one of the largest in the world, and it will be located in their site in Togliatti, Samara region, near 2 existing plants. With the new line, the total urea production will increase by 70%.

The kickstarting ceremony has been held in October with the presence of all stakeholders of the project. The plant is slated for completion in the 2 Q of 2021. Casale will provide the proprietary know-how, all engineering and supply of offshore equipment and materials.

Casale’s sister company, namely Casale Project AS, based in Prague, will be responsible for the supply the onshore equipment and all construction works at site.

It is worth underlining this plant is the 3rd in a row that Casale ha acquired in Russia in the last 2 years, after two others for different Customer, the first of which is already in an advanced stage of construction.  Furthermore, a new urea plant, licensed and designed by Casale, has been recently put on stream in India

TOAZ 3rd Plant

September 2018

Casale and Orica have agreed a deal for the acquisition, by Casale, of Orica’s complete process and know-how to produce Low Density Ammonium Nitrate (LDAN).

This acquisition is in line with Casale’s long-term growth strategy in the sector of syngas-based chemicals production processes, aimed at offering the complete production chains, from the feed stocks to the final products. In particular, the move strengthens Casale’s technical and commercial footprint in the solid Nitrates production process by complementing its well-proven High Density Ammonium Nitrate (HDAN) technology.

 The deal includes the right to use in all new and revamped plants based on LDAN prilling technology, from now on supplied exclusively by Casale, of Orica’s proprietary, well-known additive Sapphyr, on commercial terms to be agreed. In addition, during the technology transfer phase, Orica will provide assistance to Casale and grant access to Orica’s plants.

Casale endeavours to continue to work on creating value for their customers through synergic acquisitions, while growing in its markets.

16 August 2018

PJSC Metafrax, one of the leading Russian chemical companies, and Casale have entered into a contract for the supply of Basic Engineering Design for a second melamine plant to be implemented near the one currently under construction at Gubakha, Perm Region (Russia).

The new plants capacity will be 40000 MTY, as the first one, and will also be based on Casales LEM process. A dedicated urea plant, also designed by Casale according to its proprietary technology, will be part of the project with the purpose to treat the melamine off-gases, without affecting the existing urea plant .

The 2nd melamine plant is slated for completion in 2022 and it will be totally integrated into the large multi-product complex, dubbed AUM, currently under advanced stage of realization nearby, which, besides having already boosted Metafraxs traditional methanol production by more than 30% in Phase-1 (completed), is now meant to add completely new ammonia, urea and melamine facilities.

The key underpinning of the whole AUM project is to make an efficient use of the H2 contained in off gases of the existing methanol plant as well as of the CO2 captured in a dedicated unit from the flue gas of the existing reformers, captured in a dedicated unit, with the purpose to significantly expand the product mix of the original methanol plant.

All technologies used in the AUM are proprietary to Casale which is also the EPCm contractor, thus providing single point responsibilities for the whole complex.

The new melamine plant is the 3rd LEM in a row won by Casale after entering the market in 2013, through the acquisition of Borealis melamine technology, and it is a testimony of the wide and rapid acceptance gained by this process, which, in turn is the result of its superior features compared to other technologies available on the market:

  • highest synthesis efficiency
  • lowest energy consumption
  • lowest urea melt consumption
  • superior melamine product quality
  • easiest and simplest integration with the urea plant
  • fully referenced for more than 20 years

The 1st LEM plant, for GSFC (India), also of 40000 MTY capacity, is near to being started up this year.

It is worth to underline that Casale is the sole licensor and contractor in the world which can provide urea and melamine processes, based on state-of-the-art, proprietary technologies, as well as complete engineering design, supply of materials and services.

Metafrax AUM Plant