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August 2019

Construction works of Navoyazot’s new nitric acid plant (Navoy, Uzbekistan) is progressing unhindered. All major equipment has been installed, the main buildings erected, all piping prefabricated and 80% of them already installed. The rate of progress is fully in line with the expected start-up at the beginning of next year.

The 1500 MTD, 60% acid strength plant is based on Casale’s NA2000 Dual Pressure technology and it is the 2nd unit awarded. It is also the next coming on stream since the company has entered this market. Two more plants are in the pipeline.

Casale, besides supplying the licence and know-how, is also the EPC contractor for the whole project.

Navoyazot_1 Navoyazot_2 Navoyazot_3 Navoyazot_4 Navoyazot3D

April 2019

GSFC (India) and Casale SA (Switzerland) are pleased to announce that GSFC’s 40’000 MT/y new melamine plant in Vadodara (India), based on Casale’s Low Energy Melamine (LEM) technology, has now smoothly reached its design capacity, with specific consumptions in line with the expectations and consistently delivering a premium quality product, in terms of colour and purity.

The plant achieved the mechanical completion early in January this year and was thereafter immediately commissioned.

Casale’s LEM technology was originally acquired from Borealis in 2013 and quickly reached a prominent position in the melamine market as shown by 3 contracts already awarded since then. GSFC’s melamine plant is the first one which goes on stream.

Gujarat State Fertilizer and Chemicals (GSFC), with operations in Vadadara (India), is a leading producer or caprolactam, urea, other fertilizers, methanol and the only one of melamine in India, with 3 plants on the same site.

Casale SA is a global licensor and provider of multiple solutions for the syngas-based industry, thanks to its complete portfolio of highly efficient and integrated technologies overarching the entire production chain of any N- and P-based fertilizers, plus melamine and methanol, from the natural gas feed up to the end products.

GSFC’s melamine plant is now fully operational


January 2019

Casale is happy to congratulate Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemical Ltd, Vadodara (India) on the occasion of the 1st batch of melamine leaving their new melamine  factory premises.

GSFC and Casale signed a contract back in 2015 for the new 40000 MTY plant for which Casale provided the license for the LEM process, basic design and proprietary equipment, while GSFC took charge of all the rest. Initial trial runs of the plants suggested that the LEM™ technology produces good quality melamine.

Melamine, the basic ingredient to produce high end plastic materials with a wide variety of applications, is produced industrially starting from urea and as such represents an interesting and fully viable alternative when diversifying the product portfolio away from fertilizers is key to beat the commodity market cycle and keep an edge over competition.

Few fully proven melamine processes are available on the market and LEM stands in the front due to its outstanding features:

  • Best energy efficiency
  • High melamine conversion efficiency
  • Simpler off gas integration in the urea plant
  • High quality of the product

3 new contracts have been awarded since Casale took over the technology from Borealis in 2013.

1st Shipment leaving plant

1st batch celebration