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Nitrates are essential for sustainability due to their critical role in agriculture and the health of natural ecosystems

Casale can offer flexible and customized solutions for designing and upgrading nitrate plants for an extensive range of products. Our production processes prioritize energy efficiency, resource conservation and emission reduction, in line with our commitment to sustainability.

New plants

Traditional Solutions

Nitrates Revamping

Through our focus on sustainable practices we look to play, alongside our clients, a pivotal role in supporting agricultural productivity and ecosystem health by providing efficient and responsible solutions for nitrates production.


We bring more than four decades of expertise and innovation to designing and manufacturing reactors and critical equipment for the industries we serve, both for new plants and for upgrading existing facilities. We are committed to the highest quality standards in every project, delivering superior performance and ensuring long-term reliability. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional value to our customers consistently.


Casale offers a suite of services designed to enhance plant reliability, extend operational life, and optimize performance. From mechanical assessments and tailored training programs to advanced engineering and diagnostic services, we ensure the highest standards of efficiency and safety. Embrace innovation with Casale’s commitment to excellence in the chemical industry.


Main uses:

Nitrogen is a fundamental nutrient that promotes plant growth and development, and by providing plants with the nitrogen they need, nitrates contribute to increased crop yields and improved food production, supporting global food security. This nutrient cycle ensures ecosystems’ sustainability by facilitating plant growth and providing habitats and resources for other organisms.


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