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Securing the future of food and energy production with cutting-edge technologies and solutions

At Casale, our ongoing commitment to developing efficient and innovative technologies such as ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen places us at the forefront of research into new fuels and renewable energy transport. Our commitment extends to all nitrogenous fertilisers, reflecting our ambition to play a prominent role in the evolving landscape of current and future industrial chemistry.


The ammonia market is growing due to new, emerging end-uses that will contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a world leader in ammonia production with over 100 years of experience designing, engineering, and constructing ammonia plants, Casale already offers innovative solutions for renewable or less carbon-intensive ammonia. We currently have eight systems for producing either traditional grey ammonia or sustainable ammonia and 14 unique plants that add specific technologies for plant upgrades to increase production, improve energy efficiency, and reduce carbon footprint.

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