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Being 64 and still going strong!


7 July 2020

64, for some, may be a significant objective in their own’s life, for some others it’s crossing the finishing line, for few more it’s just another step forward on a long journey... Being 64 and Still Going Strong! Casale just hit this mark recently when it was awarded the 64th ammonia synloop in China, namely the 1800 MTD synloop for ShaanXi Qing Shui Yin Quan Coal Industry Development Co., LTD. We are proud to be part of a long story that began just 25 year ago, at the eve of China’s stunning transformation of its fertilizer industry that has continued all the way through the broad and deep changes that come about and still goes on. With the same enthusiasm we got the 1st plant, Casale is still the leading foreign ammonia technology licensor in the Country with the largest number of plants ever built over the last quarter of a century. Getting 64 in the most competitive market in the world is both something to be proud of and the spur to improve our technologies and be the market trendsetter in the years to come.