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Leading the transition towards a low-carbon economy

Blue ammonia and blue hydrogen are promising options for fully decarbonised fuels. These variants of ammonia and hydrogen are produced using carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technologies. They are attractive and feasible options because they can be implemented quickly, and use established and reliable technologies. They also optimise the use of existing facilities, resulting in cost-effective solutions.

Blue Ammonia

Utilising our proprietary technologies, the Casale Blue Ammonia Process represents a significant step forward in the large-scale production of ammonia with a significantly reduced environmental footprint. This is made possible by optimising energy consumption and significantly reducing the use of natural gas, resulting in considerably lower emissions.

In addition, our process ensures that all CO2 emissions are captured and redirected for sequestration or other valuable uses.

Blue Hydrogen

Casale and Technip Energies have joined forces to co-license technology and practical solutions – based on oxidative reforming – for the large-scale production of low-carbon hydrogen in combination with carbon sequestration technology.

Technip Energies and Casale will offer Process Design Packages (PDPs), associated proprietary equipment, or complete plants on an EPC basis as part of this collaboration.