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Casale & 8 Rivers Capital on the forefront of chemical industry’s energy transition


18 January 2024

We are thrilled to announce our latest milestone in the chemical industry's journey towards a greener future. We're partnering with 8 Rivers Capital, LLC, a leader in decarbonization technology, for the groundbreaking Cormorant Clean Energy Project. What makes this project stand out? Cormorant aims to produce a staggering 880,000 tons of ultra-low-carbon ammonia annually, capturing more than 1.4MM tons of CO2 with a >99% capture rate. This initiative is more than just numbers; it's a beacon of sustainable development, attracting over $1 billion in investment and creating over 1,000 new jobs from 2024 to 2027. Casale's Role: Our expertise in design and licensing plays a crucial part in this venture. We are proud to be the licensor of the blue ammonia synthesis facility, a part of the whole complex pivotal to the project’s success. With our deep-rooted experience in the industry, Casale's involvement is a testament to our commitment to innovative, eco-friendly solutions. The Impact: Cormorant sets a precedent in utilizing hydrogen and hydrogen-derived ammonia as low-carbon alternatives, crucial for industries like shipping, aviation, and power generation. Our collaboration showcases an efficient path to decarbonization, blending technological innovation with industry-proven processes. Learn more about this transformative project with our expert: : Stay tuned as we continue to drive the chemical industry's energy transition, aligning with global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions. This is just the beginning!