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CASALE: 100 years of innovation inspired by sustainability


10 January 2022

Throughout our first 100 years, innovation has always been our mission, plants our business and sustainability our inspiration.
Inspired by sustainability

Human sustainability

In 1921, when the company was founded by Luigi Casale during the most intensive industrialization period, we started designing ammonia plants to secure food availability for a growing global population.
The innovation of reuse

The innovation of reuse

Our innovation sparked a new venture: revamping instead of replacing. An inspirational idea to breathe new life and increased efficiency into our customers’ plants, with a low economic and environmental impact. In the last 40 years, hundreds of plants have been revamped keeping most of the existing facilities in operation and replacing only essential components or adding new equipment.
Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Over the years we have increased the performance and efficiency of our technology and our plants. This has enabled us to achieve considerable energy savings. These results are driven by a clear, simple and constant aim: to improve environmental sustainability.
Today our technologies are ready for zero emission plants. This is our way of looking to the future to make it more sustainable and accessible to all. Throughout our history, we have always made plants, we have made plants for a new planet. CASALE. Plants for a new planet. Since 1921