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Casale new High Pressure Urea stripper for a plant in Poland

17 June 2021

Casale strengthens its presence in Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY urea plant - the leading  Polish fertilizer producers -  thanks to a new HP stripper made in Uremium 29

This supply comes after a comprehesive revamp in 2010 of the urea plant, followed by other  equipment and  modifications aimed at increasing its performance and supporting the policy of reducing CO2 emissions undertaken by the Polish group.

Urea plant in Poland

The new stripper is meant to replace the old and outdated one in the synthesis section of the Puławy's Urea 2 Plant.

Uremium 29 is the new alloy with very high resistance to carbamate induced corrosion that Tubacex, the world leading manufacturer of tubular solutions, has specifically developed for and in cooperation with Casale.

The stripper incorporates  Casale  proprietary technology and as been manufactured  by  a qualifed and experienced Italian manufacturer of H.P. equipment the chemical process industry.

Uremium 29 is recommended for the tubes of HP pressure equipment as well as for HP piping and fittings as it increases reliability and the operating life.

The real industrial tests performed along the last years in several Urea plants have confirmed the enhanced resistance to the most aggressive carbamate corrosion modes.

This is another relevant reference of the Casale experience in the design and supply of strippers, and other HP equipment as well.

This last reference fro Grupa Azoty Puławy, brings to up 35 the number of strippers supplied by casale toarte, both new and revamped, with materials of construction ranging from Super-austenitic to Superduplex alloy (e.g Uremium 29) as well as more exotic ones such as Titanium and Zirconium.

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