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Casale to provide N-LOOP ammonia technology to tH2 Power low-carbon complex in Central Appalachia (USA)

4 April 2024

Casale is proud to announce that it has been selected by Newpoint Trillium Management, LLC to deliver ammonia synthesis technology to Trillium H2 Power (tH2 Power).

This bn$1.5 venture will establish a world-class 500 metric tons per day decarbonized clean hydrogen production, 1,200 metric tons per day ammonia, sustainable power generation, and closed-loop manufacturing complex in the Central Appalachia region of Ohio, Kentucky, or West Virginia.

Casale's N-LOOP ammonia synthesis technology has been chosen as a critical component of the tH2 Power project. This selection underscores the trust placed in Casale's expertise and its commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. The blue ammonia plant to be implemented by Casale will play a pivotal role in realizing the project's vision of a cleaner, more efficient energy future besides creating new job opportunities for the local communities.

"We are thrilled to be part of the Trillium H2Power project and to contribute our advanced technology to this groundbreaking initiative," said Mr Federico Zardi, CEO at Casale. "The selection of our N-LOOP technology underscores its reliability, efficiency, and sustainability, aligning perfectly with the goals of the project to create a low-carbon energy hub."

Technology and project development is being spearheaded by Trillium. Working together with economic development organizations throughout SE Ohio, NE Kentucky, and SW West Virginia, Trillium is determining the final site for our first project.  Poised to drive significant economic growth and provide a blueprint of sustainable industrial development, the initiative marks a pivotal moment in the reindustrialization efforts for the region. Building on more than a decade of planning and development efforts, Trillium will create more than 1,900 jobs during its construction phase and generate over $346 million in local economic impact. The long-term vision includes the addition of 237 operations and maintenance jobs, contributing nearly $200 million annually to the regional economy.


About Newpoint Trillium Management, LLC

Newpoint Trillium Management, LLC, is pioneering clean energy and economic rejuvenation in the Appalachian region with its innovative approach to low-carbon hydrogen production and commodity manufacturing. Trillium’s Integrated Energy System-Closed Loop Manufacturing (IES-CLM) model aims to transform local economies and pave the way for a sustainable future.

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