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Converting hydropower to Green Ammonia in Paraguay


12 December 2022

We are pleased to announce the award of a contract with Urbas Energy Developments (Spain) for the execution of the Basic Engineering Design of the synthesis loop of an innovative green ammonia facility to be established in Villeta (Paraguay) by ATOME Energy, an international company operating in the field of green hydrogen and ammonia production, to supply Paraguay and the region’s agricultural and fertilizer markets with sustainable alternatives. Casale will be part of an international group of professionally qualified companies, including Urbas Energy and TSK, whose objective is to convert 120 MW of clean hydroelectric power generated thanks to the Itaipu dam on the Parana River into green ammonia (corresponding to 300 MTD approximately). We are extremely proud to share our state-of-art know-how, proven experience, and advanced technologies to realize such an ambitious project aiming at bringing the concept of environmental sustainability in the production of basic chemicals directly to the heart of the South American continent, particularly being one of the richest regions in the renewable natural resources field. We are confident that this landmark project will trace a viable path that, thanks to other similar endeavors, will lead to a more environmentally friendly future for the benefit of future generations.