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Methanol plant revamping in Russia


15 September 2017

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the methanol plant revamping for Metafrax, a leading producer in Gubakha, Russia. This groundbreaking project, executed in multiple stages, marks a significant milestone in our collaboration. The comprehensive revamp encompassed several key improvements:
  • Introduced a new syngas generation unit in parallel to existing twin steam reformers, leveraging Casale's cutting-edge partial oxidation technology (POX) of methane.
  • Added a new once-through methanol synthesis section on the make-up gas to the synloop, based on the use of a new Casale IMC® methanol converter for enhanced efficiency.
  • Upgraded the existing twin methanol converters in the synloop with advanced IMC® internals, optimizing performance and sustainability.
Overall, this project, the first of its kind and magnitude in the world, signifies a groundbreaking achievement. It allows Metafarx to significantly enhance its production capacity from the original 2500 MTD to 3400 MTD. This remarkable expansion underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of industry standards and exemplifies the successful integration of proprietary technologies.