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Navoyazot Nitric Acid plant is on stream


17 June 2020

We are pleased to announce that on June 12, the 500’000 t/y Nitric Acid plant of Navoyazot has been smoothly and successfully started up. The plant now steadily operates at about 80% of the design load due to limitations in the feed ammonia as well as some glitches in some units that will be ironed out in the next weeks. The nitric acid produced has been, since the beginning, of good quality, with 60% strength and it is already being fed to the existing ammonium nitrate plant. The satisfaction already expressed by the Client is perhaps the best reward for the result of our work. We are very proud of this achievement, which comes right after our first plant ever in Sweden, as it is a testament of the increased ability and confidence of our Group to realize complex EPC projects based on our own technology, and it therefore strengthen our determination to proceed along this way. We take the opportunity to congratulate the whole project teams of Casale and Casale Projects for the excellent work done, particularly considering the exceptional hurdles determined by the unexpected Covid-19 outbreak, which inspired each team member to devise and implement creative approaches to accomplish the last phases of the project.