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Urea plays a vital role in agriculture, industry, healthcare, and research

Casale offers advanced technology and innovative solutions in urea production, continuously investing in research and development to improve our plants’ efficiency, reliability, and environmental performance.

New plants

Traditional Solutions

Urea Revamping

The technology for industrial urea synthesis has gone through remarkable evolution since the first commercial installations of the second half of the 20th century.
Modern processes outperform all vintage designs in every aspect from energy consumption to environmental footprint. As urea synthesis is a severe process, which in the long time, wears out most of the critical equipment, after few decades of service more frequent and costly maintenance is required.
Ultimately, this is reflected in higher operational costs and lower margins. Revamping arises as a necessity, but often becomes an opportunity to extend the service life and improve profitability of vintage plants.


We bring over four decades of expertise and innovative spirit in the design and manufacturing of reactors and critical equipment for the industries we serve, both for use in new plants and for revamping existing ones. In every project, we are committed to upholding the highest quality standards, delivering superior performance while ensuring long-term reliability. Our unwavering dedication is to consistently provide exceptional value to our customers.


Casale’s specialized services for urea plants encompass inspection and maintenance, ensuring equipment integrity and performance. We offer sophisticated diagnostics and repairs, rooted in deep understanding of plant operations for long-term reliability.

  • Visual inspection and video examination with a boroscope
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) of corrosion-resistant surfaces
  • Liquid penetrant test (PT) of welds
  • Eddy Current Testing (ECT) of critical exchangers tubes
  • Leak tests (with air, helium or ammonia)
  • Material contamination tests
  • Piping integrity survey
  • Case-specific NDE and diagnostics

Inspection a Maintenance Services for critical HP Equipment

For critical equipment in urea plants Casale can provide short term remedies and long-term solutions for any failure:

  • Leak repair including rehabilitation/refurbishment of liner welds & plugging of critical exchanger tubes
  • Rehabilitation or replacement of internals, e.g., internals support clips 
  • Re-lining (partial or total) by full replacement or liner-on-liner techniques
  • Re-tubing of critical exchangers bundle (e.g., HP Strippers)
  • Shortening of tubes ends to remove damaged portions
  • Reaming of tube ends to fit metering tubes new design/configuration
  • Case-specific, tailored repairs

Critical equipment repairs

  • Weep tubes & grooves labyrinths design
  • Modification of existing weep holes arrangements
  • Supply of cover straps and new/modified weep holes system
  • Modification of passive to active leak detection monitoring systems
  • Design and supply of positive pressure and vacuum leak detection systems
  • Tailored solutions (e.g. leak detection sensors box)

Engineering Design and Improvement of leak detection monitoring systems

  • Full understanding of failure and corrosion mechanisms through in-depth analysis of findings, NDE, and D-tests on specimens by qualified laboratories using established procedures

Root cause analysis for any kind of corrosion and failure


Main uses:

Urea plays a vital role in agriculture, industry, healthcare, and research, making it an important and versatile compound with diverse applications.


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