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UAS Granulation plant for Xinjiang Xinji Energy Recycling

First application of Casale’s UAS granulation process in China.

30 May 2023

In close consultation with the end-user, China Tianchen Engineering Corporation, one of China’s leading Engineering and Contracting Companies, has selected Casale’s fluid bed urea-ammonium sulphate (UAS) granulation process for the Xinjiang Xinji Energy and Chemicals Co. Ltd. ’s Recycling Economy Joint Chemical EPC project.

The plant will be located in Tiemenguan city, Xinjiang, China, and will be commissioned by 2025.

Designed to produce UAS product with a flexible ammonia sulphate content up to 20%, when put into operation, the Granulation unit will have a production capacity of 1,800 MT of UAS per day at maximum ammonia sulphate content. Casale not only provides PDP design services and license for its patented UAS Granulation process but will also supply proprietary equipment to be put into operation in the plant.

Both parties are pleased to contribute to the development and promotion of fertilizer production diversification in China with the first application of UAS process in this country.

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