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Yara Italia stripper has passed one year of operation


18 March 2021

Casale new High Pressure stripper supplied to Yara, Ferrara (Italy) urea plant has been in operation for more than a year. This stripper is among the first industrial references where Uremium 29 superduplex alloy has been used for the construction of some critical parts, in urea service. Casale new High Pressure stripper. Uremium 29 is the new alloy with very high resistance to carbamate induced corrosion that Tubacex, the world leading manufacturer of tubular solutions, has specifically developed for and in cooperation with Casale. «This stripper is a vital part of the urea plant and has come in the wake of the complete revamp that we undertook only few years ago.» - explains Federico Zardi, CEO of Casale - «We are therefore particularly proud for the continued trust that Yara has placed in our professional people, our long-term experience and our turn key solutions.» Casale has accumulated a considerable experience in the design and supply of strippers, and other HP equipment as well, with more than 34 strippers supplied so far, both new and revamped, with materials of construction ranging from Super-austenitic to Superduplex alloy (e.g Uremium 29) up to more exotic ones such as Titanium and Zirconium.