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A new Casale hydrolyser will reduce emissions of two Melamine plants in Austria

19 August 2021

Casale is pleased to announce the award by a major European producer of a new hydrolyser meant to treat the waters coming from two melamine plants.

The hydrolyser will be designed to comply with the new legislation, which mandates limits on environmental emissions stricter than the European standards and will be based entirely on a technology developed by Casale. Thanks to the new unit, two existing wastewater treatments will be decommissioned (one for each melamine plant) whose obsolete technology makes them inadequate to the new environmental standards.

The challenging aspect of this order is the considerable size of the hydrolyser, resulting from both the very strict emissions limit and the need to treat the effluents of two plants at the same time. This will require special construction measures to avoid problems during the transportation. In a special design will be adopted in view of simplifying the maintenance and handling within the industrial complex.

Last but not least, a particularly tight delivery time must be ensured to allow the Client to strictly comply with the entry into force of the new environmental standards.

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