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JV LLC “Fargonamelamine” selects Casale LEM® Melamine technology for its superior performances and ease of integration with the existing urea plant


31 January 2022

Casale and JV LLC “Fargonamelamine” signed an agreement for the implementation of a new Melamine plant in the Ferghanaazot industrial park, in Ferghana, Uzbekistan. LEM Low Energy Melamine The new project consolidates the partnership between the local companies that already counts on proprietary items supply and technical studies execution for the existing plants. The Melamine plant will be on single line with a capacity of 60.000 MTPY. LEM™ Low Energy Melamine has been, once more, selected after competition with other technologies, thanks to its strong technical advantages which allow the highest energy efficiency and ease of  integration with the existing urea plant, delivering the following benefits:
  • high energy efficiency, which translates into low CO2 footprint contributing to overall decarbonization of the globe;
  • urea is the feedstock to make melamine, which eventually captures part of the CO2 coming from the Ammonia plant, thus reducing the environmental impact and contributing to the overall decarbonization of the globe;
  • the anhydrous off-gases from the melamine synthesis are recycled to the urea synthesis section for further production of urea minimizing the energy consumption needed for their reworking compared to wet off-gases.
“We are extremely pleased with this further project that increases our presence in the melamine market” - said Federico Zardi, CEO of Casale.