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Melamine wastewater treatment start-up in Austria: our commitment to environmental excellence


31 August 2023

In July 2023, LAT Nitrogen Linz, in collaboration with Casale , successfully  commissioned  of a new melamine wastewater treatment plant for their production site based in Linz (Austria).

This plant aims to treat wastewaters coming from an LP technology-based melamine plant and from an High-Pressure technology-based melamine one. Devised to comply with stringent environmental limits, the treatment plant largely achieves the targets allowing to reduce emissions by several orders of magnitude. Designed by Casale leveraging the thermal decomposition of melamine and its related compounds and  followed by an ammonia stripping stage, the plant, relying on a robust and reliable process scheme,  is able to generate deeply-cleaned water as well as recovering valuable ammonium carbonate solution.