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New Casale converter and BFW preheater for a large Ammonia plant in the USA

29 November 2021

We are pleased to share the successful delivery of a new, 400+ton, large Ammonia converter and a BFW preheater for an existing ammonia plant in the USA, meant to replace an old 105-D converter  and to 123-C exchanger of the M.W. Kellogg plant.

Replacing very old, outdated  high-pressure equipment is a  necessity for vintage ammonia plants in North America in order to reduce risks, improve long-term reliability and boost the performances.

The Casale converter design embeds highly innovative structural and technological features:

  • Full-bore opening converter.
  • Single-wall pressure vessel.
  • "Cold-wall" pressure vessel design.
  • 3-bed with two interchangers cartridge.


  • better accessibility to the internal parts of the reactor;
  • greater safety;
  • higher performances;
  • energy saving;

This projects marks the 13th replacement of an Ammonia Converter Pressure Vessel in North America,

Ammonia converter and BFW preheate - sketch

Ammonia converter and BFW preheater - transport
Ammonia converter and BFW preheater - assembly 1
Ammonia converter and BFW preheater - assembly 2
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