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Ammonia plays a key role in the Energy Transition for a greener tomorrow

With over 100 years of experience, Casale is a key player in the transition to a green future. We offer our impressive expertise in manufacturing new plants, revamps, equipment, and services for ammonia technology.

New plants



Traditional Solutions


We bring more than four decades of expertise and innovation to designing and manufacturing reactors and critical equipment for the industries we serve, both for new plants and for revamping existing facilities. We are committed to the highest quality standards in every project, delivering superior performance and ensuring long-term reliability. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional value to our customers consistently.


Casale’s ammonia services integrate advanced catalyst assessment and steam reforming expertise. Tailored to enhance operational efficiency, our solutions embody innovation and precision, ensuring plants meet the demands of modern production.

  • Analysis of operating data and Performances assessment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Residual Catalyst life assessment
  • Chemical analysis of spent catalyst for detection of contaminants

Catalyst assessment

  • Reformer simulation
  • Radiant and convection sections efficiency assessment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Radiant tubes inspection
  • Metallurgical investigation and refractory materials analysis
  • Coil and transfer line modifications

Steam reformers

  • Technical supervision of catalyst maintenance work
  • Replacement of ammonia synthesis catalysts:
    • issue of procedures
    • technical supervision of the works
    • catalyst replacement work on request
  • Radioisotope testing of ammonia converters for internal leak detection or bypass (in collaboration with specialized companies)
  • Design and maintenance of electrical start-up heaters of ammonia converter

Other services


Driving the green revolution and building a sustainable future

Traditional uses:

Ammonia is the sole source for producing:

All nitrogenous fertilizers

Various chemicals including caprolactam, melamine, ethanol amines, acrylonitrile and other organic products

Blasting agents

Emerging uses:

Ammonia is used directly as:

H2 carrier

Bunker fuel

Energy storage for grid stabilization

Base to produce green fertilizers